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Specialized Claim
Management Services

Through a network of highly experienced Litigation Managers, we meet the exacting and ever-changing needs of our domestic and international clients. We provide the most effective and specialized liability management services available. Hamlin & Burton understands and embraces the critical importance of addressing claims quickly and effectively while controlling costs.


Our Claim Professionals
Set Us Apart

Highly experienced in handling all elements of the claims process, Hamlin & Burton claim professionals average more than 25 years of experience in the handling of multi-line liability claims. Our professionals are skilled in superior negotiation methods, timely and professional reporting, clear communication and strategic guidance.

Committed to best practices and treating customers fairly,
Hamlin & Burton requires continuing education of all claims staff, including completion of Lloyd’s of London regulatory modules.


Client Centered Service

Hamlin & Burton has earned the trust of our clients and industry-leading reputation by providing high-level expertise and service. We understand and embrace the critical importance of addressing claims quickly, effectively and cost efficiently. Our experienced professionals deliver measurable value to our clients.


Unparalleled Expertise

Providing reliable and knowledgeable guidance throughout the claims handling process is a hallmark of our organization. Hamlin & Burton delivers experienced, knowledgeable personnel to every aspect of claim management and resolution. With our unparalleled expertise, we are able to produce substantial savings for our clients by eliminating duplication and unnecessary expenses.

Hamlin & Burton Liability Management delivers expertise, service, efficiency and commitment rarely found within the claim management industry. We provide a comprehensive set of claim management services to fit the very specific and focused needs of our domestic and international clients.

Comprehensive Claim Management Services

Comprehensive Claim Management Services

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